I ordered two shirts from www.dutygearstore.com on 5/29/10. They did not say that the items would have to be gotten from the manufacturer before they could be delivered.

The manufacturer has apparently discontinued these shirts. After two months I received credit for one shirt saying that it was no longer available from the manufacturer. After requesting that they cancel my order entirely they credited the other shirt. I have repeated requested that they refund the remaining $11.75 for the "shipping and handling" which they obviously did not do.

As of 9/18/10 they have never refunded the money. Stay away from www.dutygearstore.com .

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As others have pointed out, they have ZERO customer service, no one answers their phones.

I ordered 8 of the same items. I received a partial order of 3 of them, one of which was the wrong size. The receipt I received showed they would've sent several others in the wrong size as well.

I sent an email and did get a response but now that it's been almost a month, I've received zero replies to my inquiries about my order status. These guys are awful, hopefully they will cancel my order like I requested.


How do you cancel your order? I've tried calling and emailing but no response. Thanks.


I agree. I ordered an UA polo shirt and another UA shirt.

There was no indication on their website of how each shirt fits. The polo was huge, and I never received the other shirt. They charge 20% restocking fee and also charge shipping for them to ship the product back to where they got it.

Glad I used a virtual credit card with limits. STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY.

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